A New Path

Calyx Consulting was founded in 2020, by Dr. Akin Sevinc. Its business model was based on a 31 year long experience in healthcare industry, expanding from medical laboratory testing to sourcing genetic tests from well-respected genetic laboratories throughout the world to where they are needed.

Our 31 year long experience enabled us to pursue new projects in consumable good products and we launched our first company in Turkey, AkSe Tedarik (www.aksetedarik.com.tr), and performed numerous projects with national and international chain markets.

Calyx Consulting and AKSE Tedarik has a very strong team of specialists who are experienced in sourcing, commencing and completing national and international projects. Please read more about our team at the About page.

New Successful Projects

By November 2022, we have completed 5 major projects with BİM, a national chain supermarket chain, with operations in Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. Please find out more about our successfully completed projects in the Projects page.

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We have a large portfolio of consumer products and their producers that we have close connections with. Therefore, whatever your needs are (from food items to furniture) we can enable production of high quality items at very effective pricing.

Our main areas of concentration are;

  • Footware*

  • Home furniture*

  • Bathroom accessories*

  • Pet products*

  • LED lighting fixtures

  • Toys and Children Products

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Kitchen accessories

  • Home and outdoor textile

  • Handbags, bags and luggage

  • Seasonal clothing

*We have direct involvement in manufacturing in the selected areas. Please inquire for further information.